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About The Name "Mizpah"

Mizpah is a Hebrew term that means watchtower. It is significant to our program because the Mizpah Benediction in Genesis 31:49 deals with being accountable to God and to each other. The Cornerstone Mizpah Program is designed for the purpose of being accountable to God and to those transitioning from the penal system.



 For the purpose of this program, our vision is to:

  • Prepare ex-offenders for a seamless reentry into society as productive citizens.

  •  Create opportunities for them to evaluate effective decision making strategies.

  • Provide programs and sessions aimed at improving self-efficacy.

  • Provide resources or information for obtaining a GED.

  • Engage vested partners in the transition program.

(local Businesses, Educational Institutions, Judges, State and Federal

Prisons, Correctional Institutions, Probation Officers, local Sheriff

Departments, Re-entry Courts, city Mayors, State Senators, local

Churches in the community, Medical Centers, Housing Shelters,

      Recreational Centers, local City Councilmen and other Government leaders and officials.)



Cornerstone is an outreach ministry connecting people with God, through authentic relationships as we serve communities, develop and implement programs to empower and improve the quality of life for individuals and families in the larger society.

As concern citizens our mission is to provide supportive tools, resources and information that will help assist and empower former incarcerated clients and their families to become contributing citizens who are self-sufficient, self-motivated and self-assured.



The CCBC MIZPAH Program is designed to help citizens that have been incarcerated to successfully "reenter" society with the hope of reducing recidivism, improving public safety, and aiding in their becoming productive citizens. 

Let's Work Together

Conduct Rev. Dana Graham for more information.

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