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Blue Smoke


The Cornerstone of Our Community

Cornerstone Community Baptist Church, was organized on January 18, 1998 by Reverend Willie James Lawson Sr. The church was organized with the purpose of uplifting Christ by witnessing and worshipping God in Spirit and in truth. Being led of God, Pastor Lawson had already initiated steps toward to organizing the church prior to his resignation from his previous congregation.

A meeting was called at the Lawson home on January 13th, 1998 to lay out the vision from the Lord. The eleven persons in attendance girded themselves with the whole armor of God. The group served as the Contact & Support Team.

The Second Meeting was held on January 15th at Saint Peter Missionary Baptist Church, where Rev. Howard Creecy Jr. was the Pastor. At this meeting, 57 supporters were present. On Sunday, January 18th, eight supporters joined Pastor Lawson and his family for worship at the family home. The third meeting garnered seventy-four supporters.

On Sunday January 25th at 11:00 AM, Deacons Walter Larry, Stanley Pierce, and Brother Roger Lovett witnessed the signing of a lease agreement with Elroy Jefferson for the use of Christian Brothers Funeral Home in Decatur, Georgia for worship services.

On February 8th, 1998, 180 worshippers were present for that service, resulting in 166 people joining "The Stone." The membership continues to grow. The Lord has indeed enlarged our territory and the Best is yet to come!

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